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March 10, 2014


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Reading has opened up worlds for me, allowed me to travel, dream and escape to realms. Wonderful and thought provoking post which is so meaningful and true.


There's an interesting relationship between readers and authors. In its basest form it's a business transaction. But the relationship feels so much more personal than that.

I think a need a car. Toyota makes good cars, so I drive Toyotas. There's absolutely no emotion in that.

But I become emotionally connected to the non-existent people that authors create. That's one reason I enjoy mysteries. I love series because I get to watch my make-believe friends lives' unfold. I also feel attached to the authors. I follow them on facebook and twitter. I sometimes actually talk to them at signings or mystery conventions.

It's one of the few "relationships" I have where there is genuine gratitude on both sides and I thin that's pretty cool.


What a truly interesting concept, what a delightful blog --- thanks for wonderful opportunity!


I'm definitely glad I could read it, and endlessly astounded at not only how so many different points of view on a topic can be written/read, but how the voices in our heads as we read vary wildly between each reader. I always wondered *how* things sounded to Tarzan in his head and he learned to read, since there were no examples of people around....

Camille Minichino

I love that historically accurate dialogue illustrating how we come to have rules (i before e) and exceptions, double letters when one wil :) do, and so on! Yes, I'm glad I can read your blog, Michael. (That ae combo is especially classy!)

Michael A. Black

Thanks for the kind words. I could never have completed this one without the invaluable assistance of my two caveman buddies.

Lelia Taylor

I love your cavemen ;-) You've made your point so well with your comedic slant and I do agree with you. I've always been surprised at the authors I've run across who claim they don't read---to me, that means I'm unlikely to care about reading what they write.

Mysti Berry

I think you were channeling Doc Savage there :) Loved this post!


I certainly can't imagine not reading. I enjoy stories in many forms, but the written word is one I never plan to give up.

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