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March 11, 2014


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I immerse myself within the pages of a book in order to have an experience which no other form of entertainment can match. Books are my only form of enjoyment and provide me with dreams, and an escape from my world.

Mysti Berry

Reading a Shakespeare play as a kid, and realizing this guy who had been dead for CENTURIES was talking directly to me, me, a lost and lonely teenager, transformed my life.

I'll always stand up and applaud readers--brave souls--thinking and feeling human beings, without which we'd just be existing, not really living.


Amen to that, Anne! As a child, books and reading were my lifeline. There's nothing like reading a book that completely "pulls you in," such that the rest of the world fades away...


Hiya Mysti!
Shakespeare is my kinda guy. Pretty amazing that he still "speaks" to us, across the centuries. Not too many writers have that kind of power...

Michael A. Black

I agree, Ann. Readers today do seek a deeper embrace of the world. Perhaps that's why fiction has gravitated toward points of view that foster a more intimate connection with the characters and away from the more omniscient storyteller.


Ooooh, Michael! Great insight. :-)


Reading someone's work(s) is one of the most amazingly moving and intimate experiences one can have with a complete stranger. As a youngster I was very secluded, and reading was my education not just about the world, but all the possibilites in the world, and in all possible worlds - and I am forever grateful.


Hello Rox --
I agree completely and am also grateful, for books and those who write them, right down to the bottom of my soul... :-)

Lelia Taylor

I admit to being a TV junkie and I do love a good movie from time to time but reading fiction will always be my first choice of entertainment. Fiction has enlarged my world much more than nonfiction because it engages my imagination along with the author's creativity. Fiction author, I salute you ;-)

Doris Gardner-McCraw

I can never have too many books, and when I go I will pass them on to a library so others can enjoy what I found to be the best way to enjoy my 'free' time. Doris


What a great idea, Doris! I've often wondered just what the heck to do with all my books when I'm not around anymore. I guess the kids'll have "first pickings," and the rest could go to a library. I just hope I can plow through the mountains of TBR all over the house first!

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