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April 14, 2014


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It is great to have you back! Like you, I grew up in a world where women were very limited in options too. The only thing that saved me was my utter stupidity about this. I was always asking "why", particularly because I could see the irrational nature of the whole thing all around me. Are we still a sexist society? Yep. Yes there is improvement but Sen. Feinstein, of all people, is accused of being "emotional" and we have yet to elect a woman Prez? Duh....

Mysti Berry

I still remember when my mom told me she wasn't allowed to wear pants to school (40s/50s Bakersfield CA public high school). I was gobsmacked. She explicitly encouraged me to assume I would be responsible for my own financial and emotional health--no princess fantasies for me.

Dude who accused Feinstein of being emotional has obviously never seen the assasination footage. sigh.

camille minichino

Thanks Mysti and Priscilla -- not only are we too emotional to be prez, there's that HAIR thing, so hard to manage!

Thelma Straw

Times do change. I was severely reprimanded for wearing blue jeans on front campus of Randolph-Macon when I was in college!!!! By the way, I don't know any man who takes his wife's name - and I've lived in the heart of Manhattan lo these many years! Thelma Straw


You are so right, Camille!

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