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April 15, 2014


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Kathy Lynn Emerson

So true, Priscilla. No way were medieval (or 16th century) women all meek and obedient. A great many of them were able to work the system to their own advantage. That so much history used to be written only by men hid that truth for far too long.



Great to hear from you, Kathy! And you are right. We learn so much more about the complexity of an era when we can read it from another perspective. When I was working on Sanctity, I found Jewish history of the era invaluable in putting major cracks into the blithe assumptions we have been taught about the time.

camille minichino

I love the plumbing story -- sad that similar things happen today as many girls/women feel they have to hide their talents.

Do any of you amazing female historians know anything about a Christina de (something), a writer in the middle ages? (Is this like asking a librarian if she knows of a green book?)


Christine de Pizan? 14-15th century woman who wrote defense of women things? What do you want to know? Fun person.


Brilliantly illustrated; particularly since we humans have kept, and shattered, such expectations in creative ways for both genders since the dawn of time to the present day.

camille minichino

YES, Priscilla. I read about her, and an excerpt from a book of hers, a while ago and wanted to renew my acquaintance!

Margaret Lucke

Interesting to compare the conventional wisdom with the reality. I'd love to see a chart running this comparison through various eras. Thank you for a post that is (as usual) thoughtful and wise.


I would love that kind of comparison too! And thank you for that kind compliment.

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