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May 14, 2014


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camille minichino

Thanks for joining us today, Mary! Fascinating customs.

I think all those folks were much smarter than I am -- I'd never be able to keep all the details straight and would be a nervous wreck that, for example, I'd use the wrong kind of cheese or too-stale bread and thus ruin someone's life!

Kathleen Delaney

Fascinating. I love all these old customs and, like so many sayings, wonder how they got started. Fairies played a part of many of our upbringings. My grandparents came from Ireland, and although stanch Catholics, the fairies were never far away. Made for some rich story telling.

Mary Reed

My thanks to the Ladykillers for giving me space to
chat a bit!

Camille, that ruined life would be a good opening for a murder mystery!

Kathleen, one of my favourite theories about how
fairy stories began was meeting with one or two
little folk who were among remnants of a defeated
race which went underground in the long ago.

Bex Crowell

All this cheese and bread, left under pillows(?) - I must say that the mouse population of these villages would have been quite happy about these practices! Imagine the crumbs they would find here, there, and everywhere... Mary, these stories are delightful. Thank you!

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