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May 07, 2014


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Carole, you sound a lot like me. I have trouble forgetting the times I've been hurt or I've been the one to hurt someone, and I find myself dwelling on these moments at the strangest times. I try to remind myself that sometimes it's better to let things go for the sake of my well-being, even if it can be extremely hard.

Michael A. Black

I agree, Carole. This was the roughest topic we've had to deal with in quite a while. Can we all "forgive" the person who thought of it, or will that person conveniently "forget" he or she was the one who came up with it? But one thing I am certain of: agents, New York or otherwise, seldom deserve our forgiveness.

Mysti Berry

Carole--you're so kind and sweet! Whoever hurts a person like you would be very hard to forgive!

Looking forward to seeing your Martha's Vineyard book in print!!!!

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