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May 28, 2014


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Bex Crowell

I didn't know you even used Twitter Eric! I don't use it nor do I use FB... I used to code my own pages back when I used Tripod as a host (?) but now I prefer the format of a simple blog host like JournalScape (like you!). But you have me intrigued, about your attic... and I am going to find your attic/antiquarian site and go poking in amongst the cobwebs and spiders. I'm sure I'll find a little gem long-forgotten!

camille minichino

Thanks for visiting LadyKillers, Eric!

Any chance we can see what your blog looked like in '95? You can see mine for '97 in Monday's blog here, or directly at http://www.minichino.com/0829/index.html

Irene Fulton

Eric - As always, your words are a delight. Code? It's a miracle I even know how to italicize on JournalScape. I so enjoy your humorous self-deprecating observations - perhaps because I identify so closely.

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