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July 29, 2014


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Camille Minichino

Wow, Admin, this is one to be printed and studied.

While I'm thinking of the last question, all the current "procedurals" on tv come to mind. The trend is to give every series cop family or romantic baggage: her sister was murdered when they were kids; his wife and daughter were murdered, the killer still out there; the new boss is her ex; his mother is in a psych ward. As if the writer can't think of another way to give the character gravitas. Maybe readers/viewers need this?


Oops, I should have logged in as Mysti, my bad!

You raise a great question--is making it familial to make it personal satisfying an audience expectation or underestimating the audience?

Depends on genre, theme, and premise, of course. Thanks Camille for making me think harder about this!

Michael A. Black

I'd have to say my favorite family relationship for a detective was the one on The Rockford Files. Jim Rockford and his dad, Rocky, had that special magic. Long after the show was canceled, my own father and I developed a similar relationship after my mom passed away. He'd come over to my house, usually whe I was working night shift and trying to sleep, and want to go to lunch or something. I used to try to make breakfasts with him and his former Navy buddies every Thursday at this one restaurant. Every time I watch a rerun of the old TV show, I think of my dad.

Mysti Berry

I *loved* that relationship! My dad loved Rockford and while he seldom went to movies, he always managed to see James Garner movies....

Michael A Black

Yeah, I suppose Spenser could have acquired that accent after the fact. I've known people who have acquired regional accents later in life, too. I had a theory about how some people have an innate tendency to "mirror back" the sounds they hear for communication purposes. These people, I conjectured, tend to acquire regional accents if they move to another area. Others retain their original accents no matter what. I always wanted to do a linguistic paper on that subject, but it didn't work out.

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