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August 01, 2014


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Carole Price

In my series, not only is Cait Pepper, my protagonist, involved in solving a crime that could affect her Shakespeare festival, one or two secondary characters have issues as well. It's a juggling act, but I can't seem to write one crime at a time. Great blog!

Mysti Berry

Another writer friend and I noticed how hard it is for many men to maintain existing friendships or build new ones. And the wives in the family, be they in-law or blood, are usually the ones that keep the family connections intact. So we may be writing what we know :)

Margaret Lucke

Thanks, Carole and Mysti. I agree that family issues make for great subplots. And it seems true that women often are more interested in the twists and turns of relationships and emotions. Indeed, one way or another we write what we know.

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