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August 04, 2014


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Even things like "Cheerios" now come in a bazillion different incarnations. I agree: It makes shopping all the more confusing. Maybe it's all about "niche marketing," just like in mysteries? Hmmm.
Those little "hamburger cookies" look tasty, btw!

Mysti Berry

What? The mini version was wrong?!

Back in the 1970s, they did an experiment in a movie theatre--where they actually sold more candy if they gave people a choice of only two or three candies. They thought it was about psychology, but having worked a few movie rushes in my youth, I always thought it was just less standing around deciding, so the counter people could serve more folks. But maybe it was a choice conundrum after all!

Camille Minichino

Yes, this time the mini was wrong, Mysti! The problem was the wafer and the chocolate center had to match in size. Interesting experiment!

Maybe it is "niche"-related, Ann! But when I needed new luggage recently I bought it in a store that had only TWO choices!


Munchies while writing? Of course! Actually, a nutritionist once told me that every writer she ever met munched. There seems to be something linking jaw movement and creativity. Carrot sticks? BaHumBug. Give me cheese, chocolate, all the good stuff. Yes, it is good. Calcium, flavinoids, a bean (pulses are the in thing). Oh, I do throw an olive in occasionally.... Got to keep the diet balanced!(And I agree: those cookies turned out great!)


A couple of weeks ago I saw a stock clerk unpacking new varieties of potato chips:

Bacon Mac-and-Cheese
Mango Salsa


Camille Minichino

NOT appealing, Linda!

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