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January 13, 2015


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Michael A. Black

VEry well said, Ann. You summed up everything I was trying to say in my rambling blog yesterday. Doubt precedes insight. Excellent.



RE: #2 For me, and perhaps only me, doubt comes, eventually goes, then sticks its nasty head up again at the moment I've decided it's ready to send to my agent! Doubt is never sleeping - it's only napping!


Hey Mike! You know, I always read your posts first before composing my own, so if it sounds like something you said... it probably is! ;-)


Hi Susan!
True, doubt is always lurking... in the dark corners, behind the curtains, waiting to pounce. And pounce it does, often at the most inconvenient times. ;-)


Fabulous post, Ann! Thank you so much for all you said and for quoting Voltaire whose comment I love. You got it spot on!

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