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June 20, 2016


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Yes! You said it perfectly, Camille. On beaches, I find myself arguing with seagulls but, in a city, I just smile at pigeons and fade into the buzz of humanity.

camille minichino

I like that buzz of humanity image, Priscilla!

camille minichino

Michael commented:
Clever play on words, Camille. Unfortunately, I gave up both beaches and bleachers many moons ago. The beaches here in Chicago have degenerated into havens for packs of young gangbangers causing trouble, and the thought of sitting on a hard bleacher seat has me running for my pillow.

Me: I want to erase any notion that I can sit for longer than 10 minutes on a bleachers seat without a pillow!


Bleacher reads! I love it!!!!! But make sure your purse is in your lap. It's NYC, after all :)

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