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June 28, 2016


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camille minichino

Would you rather go fishing or have a glass of wine?

Hate, hate, hate those tests. What does that tell you about my personality?

In fact, I hate all tests and have spent my teaching life coming up with more creative and informative ways of finding out what my students/applicants have learned or whether they're fit for a job. It sounds as though you've accomplished that, Michael.

The "story" I'll never write is a standard test.


Someone recently said that an evaluation or review tells you nothing about yourself, but a great deal about the reviewer...

Margaret Lucke

I agree that those complete-the-sentence questions don't provide much insights into someone's suitability for a job. But they might make good tools for writers, as writing prompts that could lead to stories or as a way to gain insight into characters. Reading your post, I found myself wondering: How would my heroine fill in those sentences? How would my villain answer them? And how can I, as the author, make use of their differing responses?

Carole Price

You're a prolific writer, Michael. I do believe that you could write about anything and make it into a very interesting read. I envy your flow of words.

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