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July 19, 2016


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Oh myyy, pornographic is a word I would never associate with your books. Lively, grown-up, and fascinating, yes. Porno? Nope, too much plot and character :)


Thank you, Mysti! I don't try for 50 shades of anything, except maybe hair, but I have been told my books should be burned....


Burned??? O_o Wow. That's... bizarre. I find your books full of twisty plots and intriguing characters. But I guess to each their own, right?

camille minichino

Burned? What a compliment.


It is a compliment. Poor Thomas is roundly condemned in particular. He just looks at me and complains that I should at least let him to do something worthy of it! I told him, Ann, that you called him intriguing and he was very happy.

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