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August 17, 2016


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Michael A. Black

Mysti, how could disagree with McGee?!!! He was my hero growing up. ;-)


Well, maybe it was actually Meyer that I didn't always agree with. Let's say I was 90% in, if not all in!

Michael A. Black

Interesting note on John D. MacDonald. He was asked to take two of those comprehensive personality tests (that Minnesota MultiPhasic Personality Thing). One he answered as himself, and the other as McGee. They found two distinct personalities. There was a rumor that he had written a manuscript that killed McGee to be published posthumously, but this was untrue. What I wouldn't give to be asked to continue that series, but then again, there was only one John D.

camille minichino

Nice, Mysti.

I grew up with Tip "all politics is local" O'Neill. And dinner conversation had to do with how Roosevelt gave my father a job. I thought they both lived down the street.


Mike, great story (and glad to know that posthumous book isn't real!).
Camille, my dad stopped talking about politics entirely after Nixon resigned...

Ellen Kirschman

Great blog. As a veteran of two waves of women's movements one of our banner mottos was "The political is personal and the personal is political."

Lynda McDaniel

Great blog. I don't know how writers can keep politics (in the broad definition) out and still be real. It affects everything! Sure, I want a wide audience to enjoy my stories, but I know somewhere along the way, I'll offend some readers. While that's not a goal, I'm fine with it. I see stories as a way of creating dialogue and even broadening perspectives. I like your spunk!

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