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August 22, 2016


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camille minichino

You didn't fool us for a minute, Michael, about that fake cover on a romance novel -- can't imagine you'd ever give in to any expected "image"!

For a classics story: I spent a year in hell with Dante! Signorina Mafera brought L'Inferno to life during our fourth year of Italian. I can still see the drawings of the circles on the blackboard, every sin represented, every punishment designed to teach us more than the language.

Michael A. Black

Ah, yes, good old Dante. I envy you, Camille, at being able to read the original and not a translation. My buddy in college was from Italy and did the same thing you describe. As for me, about as close as I got was listening to Dean Martin.


In our high school, for some reason my little brother got all his (wrestling? football?) teammates to join him in a Shakespeare class. The professor sized them up, and started the class by pointing out every dirty joke he could. Within a week, the boys were applying themselves to the entire text, looking not only for dirty jokes but subtext, theme, metaphor, and dramatic structure.

I like that kind of creativity, and a win-win for the school and the students!

Ellen Kirschman

When I'm in a bad mood, I want something that will take me away from myself, something I can sink into. That wouldn't be Shakespeare, Moby Dick, or Chaucer. I'll go for a literary mystery. Good plot, great writing. Like the type of books my fellow Lady Killers write.

camille minichino

What a creative teacher, Mysti. Love it!

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