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August 19, 2016


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Welcome, Ellen! Looking forward to your contributions on this blog!!!!

camille minichino

Ellen, we knew you were up to any topic, and we were right! (ok, small disagreement about cat pictures, but so what).

I hope everyone clicks on the Open Letter -- so timely and informative.

We're delighted to have you join us. You've set the bar high, so don't expect easy topics!

Ellen Kirschman

Hi Camille: I love everything that is covered in fur, including cats. I much prefer pets to politics.

Ellen Kirschman

Thanks Mysti: Glad to be a Lady Killer.

Lynda McDaniel

What a thoughtful blog! I can imagine the topic was challenging, but you handled it like the pro you obviously are. We're all too ready for black-and-white answers, and you gave us an intelligent shade of gray! Both sides matter.

Ellen Kirschman

Thanks Lynda. I try.

Michael A. Black

Welcome, Ellen. I know this lady from the PSWA and never had any doubt that she'd handle those difficult and sensitive topics with the aplomb of a true professional. On an aside, we cat lovers everywhere thank you, and I'd like to add that my cats don't care about voting preferences either.

Ellen Kirschman

Thanks Mike. Cats are smarter than we are. Sometimes.

Ann Gelder

I agree about Facebook and politics. It gets very uncomfortable and awkward sometimes, and I find I have to take breaks from it. But you have been great about showing us both sides of tough issues in your posts and in your fiction! Keep doing it!

Ellen Kirschman

Thanks Ann: I'm trying. With your help. BTW, for those of you who don't know her, Ann is the author of BIG FOOT AND THE BABY, an imaginative romp I absolutely loved.

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