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September 19, 2016


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Ellen Kirschman

Having just returned from Bouchercon last night, I echo Mike's comments. There's always something good to come from a conference. Networking is a real plus and I find listening to my fellow writers to be inspirational as well as informative. Also fun (and sometimes touching) to interact with fans. As for the Public Safety Writers Conferences, Mike is the hardest working conference organizer I know. He does everything possible to make the PSWA conferences truly meaningful for both veteran and emerging writers. The furthest I've gone to a conference is Singapore to speak at The Asian Conference of Police and Operational Psychology. Singapore is fascinating, but it was a very long trip and I did it twice.


I attended Left Coast Crime a few years ago in Sacramento and had a fantastic time meeting other authors and listening to the speakers at all the wonderful panels (as an added bonus, the conference was within driving distance). As Ellen pointed out, listening to my fellow writers can be very inspirational.

Carole Price

I agree with everything you said, Michael. Choose wisely.


Well, Mike, you are always a hard act to follow on Tuesday... You pretty much said it all! Thanks again for a thoughtful post to start the week...

camille minichino

You and Ellen make the best case I've ever heard for Las Vegas!

Margaret Lucke

Sounds like I need to sign up for the PSWA conference. I've heard great things about it.

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