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October 31, 2016


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camille minichino

I have 40+ students this term, Michael. Since it's an online (science) class, it's essentially all essay. I wish at least a couple were like you! In fact, I wish at least a couple gave a quick once-over before clicking POST!

Michael A. Black

Well, all I can say is they're very fortunate to have you as their instructor, Camille.

Ellen Kirschman

Good distinction, Mike, between the crappy first draft and the finished, revised product.

Carole Price

Setting aside a book for a time before starting the editing process is a good thing. How about fifteen years? See my Wed. blog.


I remember those "blue book" final essays. Sometimes they counted for well over 50 percent of the final grade! I also remember writing up to the last minute and not having ANY time to go back over my work... Scary, now, thinking back on it.

Mar Preston

Oh, Michael. The mention of those blue books takes me back.I still have the dream of realizing the exam is in 15 minutes and I don't know where the classroom is.

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