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November 28, 2016


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What a fantastic set-up, Michael. How the hero reacts will tell the reader so much about him and how he deals with fear and desire.

camille minichino

Oh, no! You're just leaving us there, Michael? Or is this a tease for a WIP?

Ellen Kirschman

I agree with Camille. We want more! More! Your comments remind me of Audie Murphy, a great American hero of WWII and actor who claimed his heroic deeds were motivated by fear.

Michael A. Black

Yeah, Audie Murphy was something. One thing that struck me about him, and the other Medal of Honor winners that I've seen, was his humility. As far as the ending of the above story, I had one in mind. The hero decides to intercede and walks over, telling the big guy to back off. The big guy stands there in surprise, and the woman balls up her fist and delivers a knockout punch to the hero's jaw, telling him to mind his own business.


HA! Love your ending, Mike. You need to write that story! :-D

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