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November 29, 2016


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Michael A. Black

I couldn't resist watching the chemistry between Bogey and Bacall in that clip from To Have and To Have Not. They don't write them like that anymore. "Just put your lips together and blow." Good one, Ann.


I know... understated but smoldering, right? :-) And then when Bogey *does* whistle, you know exactly which emotion he's experiencing!

camille minichino

It's getting warm in my office.

My vote: "Streetcar Named Desire" -- or almost any Brando.

Margaret Lucke

How about "The Wicker Man"? The original (1973) version with Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee, and Britt Eklund. A police sergeant is sent to a Scottish island in search of a missing girl whom the people in the village claim never existed. His fear mounts as strange occurrences challenge his beliefs about what's happening around him. And there's very sexy scene in the hotel that embodies desire -- and the two characters involved aren't even in the same room.


Ooooo the Wicker Man! I remember that. A truly spooky movie. And I recall the hotel scene, you're right.
And how about "Fatal Attraction" for fear/desire? That also captures both emotions in one film.

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