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November 21, 2016


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Ellen Kirschman

Oooh, truly creepy. Ringing with reality. Reminds me of another true story that happened to a friend who is one of the most innocent spirits I know. She was locked in a bathroom stall at work, sitting on the john when a man slid under the stall door on his back, looking up. My friend, in total shock, managed only to say "Why hello there?" at which point the creep scooted out and ran off. Your story also reminds me of "Stinky," the serial rapist who terrorized women in Berkeley for years. If I remember correctly, Stinky smelled like petroleum. Kudos to you for keeping your head in what could have been a truly horrible outcome.

Michael A. Black

Quick thinking, Camille. You showed incredible grace under pressure, or courage, as Hemingway said. The piece was excellently written.

Carole Price

I'll have to remember this, just in case......

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