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November 04, 2016


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camille minichino

Thanks for sharing your doubts, Peggy, but a lot of us would happily claim your drafts as our finished product!

Ellen Kirschman

I want to see a picture of that Gremlin.

Michael A. Black

Wow, Peggy, anybody who can complete the NaNoRimo thing twice is an exceptionally disciplined writer. My hat's off to you.

Margaret Lucke

Thank you for the vote of confidence, Camille -- especially since you've read some of those early drafts.

Ellen, we all have our gremlins and we probably picture them differently. Mine shape-shifts but sometimes resembles a Notre Dame gargoyle.

Michael, when it comes to discipline Nanowrimo presents a paradox. You need to be disciplined about putting in the time it takes, yet undisciplined enough to let go of the need to make what you're writing "good."


Oh those first drafts... hard to gain perspective on them during the creation!
Are you doing Nanowrimo this year?

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