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December 26, 2016


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camille minichino

I so agree with your first example, Michael, especially SInce that novel followed one of genius by that author. The second I believe was a product of its times -- early '60s if I have it right.

Skipping to Paul Newman, I'm off to search for Harper!

Michael A Black

Looks like you've got both of them pegged, Camille. I hope you like Harper. Newman did a follow up playing the same character in The Drowning Pool about decade later. Newman insisted on changing the name of the character from Archer to Harper to match his lucky H for the Hud and Hustler movies.

Mar Preston

Your first example is a real howler. Even I would know the difference between a plastic and real gun. Guns smell like guns.

"the thin veneer of a nouveau socialite." I love it!


I can "guess" the novels in question as well, Mike! And I'm in agreement with you as to the (ahem) quality of the endings!
I also remember "The Lady and the Tiger," and the ending-that-wasn't. Not very satisfying, that one...

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