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December 22, 2016


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Hmmmmmmmmm...the one thing I didn't buy this year, but MUST on my next trip to the store. Egg Nog. You made me HAVE TO GO OUT and get Egg Nog. Sigh.


As soon as the first carton of egg nog hits the store shelves, I start buying it. The only problem is that my kids like it so much, I sometimes don't even get a taste before the carton is empty!

Michael A Black

The apple pie sounds good, Staci, but I'd prefer to skip the egg nog. Tried it once when I was a kid and never repeated that mistake.

Ellen Kirschman

My husband has to bake a ham at Christmas or he's guilty of breaking decades of family tradition. (I don't eat anything covered in fur, just fins and feathers). I will skip the ham but bake potato kugel. We are an ecumenical culinary couple.

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