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December 20, 2016


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Michael A Black

Hmmm... Would Sister Matilda ever consider tossing in a couple toadstools for someone she doesn't like?


Well, in next book, there is an issue....

Ellen Kirschman

I've eaten mushroom tart, but where would I find an elderberry pie?

camille minichino

And I thought the gruel in my convent was hard to take!


Sister Matilda would make gruel taste good, Camille!


Ellen, see email I sent you!

Margaret Lucke

Chicken, mushroom tart, and elderberry pie sounds like a delicious meal to me.


I rather liked it too!

Mar Preston

I'm reading a history of food right now. This is very interesting. (Food has always been interesting to me.)


I enjoy food too, Mar. Had fun with it in my medieval priory in Proud Sinner. The British diet for those who could afford spices was anything but bland in the period. All those fun flavors brought back from the crusades? The first discovery north of the Alps of the Mediterranean diet?

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