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January 05, 2017


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Michael A Black

Making people laugh is not only difficult to do, but a neat feat in a book. I can remember many times when a bit of humor got me through some real rough situations.

Margie Bunting

So glad you found David Rosenfelt's delightful series. My husband and I have read them all, along with Rosenfelt's standalones. Happy reading!


Margie, I can't believe it took me so long to discover Rosenfelt's books, but I'm sure glad I did!


I agree, Mike. When life's not going my way, it always helps to find something to laugh about.

Ellen Kirschman

Is book New Tricks related to the British TV series of the same name? I love this series. It's about a unit of retired cops who are pressed into service to handle cold calls. The original group was a real collection of characters, including one bi-polar cop who was also a recovering alcoholic. The current crew is still quirky including a geriatric womanizer who thinks he's still a hot number. I watch on PBS, Friday nights.


It doesn't sound like the two are related, Ellen. The book revolves around Andy Carpenter, part-time attorney and part-time dog rescuer. But I'll definitely see if I can catch an episode of the TV series. I love quirky characters!


I read the first one or two in the series, way back when... I recall the quirky characters and the humor. You're right... they were a lot of fun! I'll have to see what else is available to read. Something with grins and chuckles sounds good in the middle of winter. :-)

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