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January 13, 2017


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Margie Bunting

I've read the first three you mention and enjoyed them thoroughly. Thanks for mentioning Razor Girl. I actually saw it on the shelf at the library recently but didn't know whether I would like it. I'll take another look!

Mar Preston

Your tastes are much in line with mine, Peggy. I'll watch out for these.

Michael A Black

Sounds like some good recommendations, Peggy. Wow... 47 books read, plus your writing. Very impressive.

Ellen Kirschman

Cop Town? Sounds like my kind of book. I'll get it. I've never read Karen Slaughter.

Margaret Lucke

Thanks for the comments, everyone. Margie and Ellen, Carl Hiaasen and Karin Slaughter are both worth reading, though the types of books they write are very different.

Michael, I was impressed myself, and a bit surprised, when I realized I'd hit the number 47 on my book list. That's almost 4 books a month. Most years my average is more like 3 in a month. I'm striving to maintain the 2016 pace this year.

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