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January 24, 2017


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I agree, Ann. Murder happens any time of year! I intentionally picked different seasons when writing my own books, mostly so I could use the different types of weather to help set the scenes. Since my books take place close to the Bay Area, I couldn't exactly have blizzards and tornadoes, but I did have fun with the rainy season in one book (clearly it wasn't a drought year) and the scorching August temperatures in another.

Michael A. Black

What a great list, Ann. I must admit, I totally forgot about St. Valentine's Day. It brought back a fond memory of mine that involved a loving couple in Wit Sec that I came into contact with years ago. (Too complicated to go into here, but maybe we should do a blog on Valentine's Day. Anyway, as usual, you summed up everything with your usual succinct grace and great writer's aplomb. I did have to look up Boxing Day, though. I initially thought it was about pugilism.


Hi Staci!
It's fun to set mysteries in different kinds of weather, right? :-)


Hi Mike!
Oh, I *definitely* want to read your Valentine's Day blog! February is just around the corner, so be sure to tell us all about your Wit Sec story when the time comes.

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