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January 23, 2017


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Hmmmmmmmmmm...any season for murder? Yeah, I'll go along with that. I remember from my newspaper days, however, that the Christmas season often had the most numerous and most violent crimes. Maybe it was people shut up, emotions running high, depression running high. And I remember not liking covering it, as I hated to drive on snow and ice.

Ellen Kirschman

Great blog, Mike. It's been raining like the dickens here in California. I pity the poor cops and Highway Patrol officers who are directing traffic in the rain. Or worse still, rolling on rain-slicked roads to some horrendous accidents. And then there's Super Bowl Sunday when domestic violence is as common as nachos and three-bean dip.


And then, there's Shakespeare: "winter of our discontent." The dark days of winter do seem to cast a pall over life in general, and then when you throw in the pressure to "celebrate the season"... not surprising things can get dicey.

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