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January 27, 2017


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Ellen Kirschman

The FBI does keep track of seasons regarding crimes, down to the days and times of day that law enforcement officers are killed. Check out FBI Uniform Crime Reports.

Michael A. Black

Peggy, that was a great explanation of the importance of integrating setting into one's writing. I always figure out the time of the year in which my story takes place, and add a few instances of the weather. Excellent advice on writing. Thanks.

Margaret Lucke

What I'd be curious about, Ellen, is how closely crime fiction follows the timing of real-life crimes. I'd expect authors to go for seasons that would give them the most dramatic weather, but I've read novels where the time of year is barely mentioned.

Thanks for the kind words, Michael. As a reader, I find a sense of place to be an important part of the story -- one of the reasons I like your books.

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