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January 30, 2017


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Michael A. Black

This was a very informative column, Megan. A friend of mine once described the Internet as the Devil's playground, and I'm inclined to agree. Thanks for sharing your expertise. Good luck with your writing.

camille minichino

My day came and went, Megan, before I got a chance to thank for providing such an informative post. I've lived a very parochial US life and am always impressed when someone has experience like yours. Of course, my big question is: what does anyone do with the results of this investigation? It seems there are as many loopholes as there are "facts."


Awesome, Megan! You always have such interesting information to share... Lots of fodder for fiction!

carl brookins

Outstanding piece, Megan. Informative, clear, well-written. I'm itching to know whether similar probes of different political organizations in this country are occurring. I suspect a definitive answer might be too revealing. Thanks for a fine essay.

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