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February 20, 2017


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camille minichino

What a great resource, Michael. Why didn't I have this post 20 years ago? (Because you were in grade school?)

Lee Goldberg (Murder Wrote, Monk, and many other series, as you know)once said of series, whether TV or books, that viewers/readers will accept a poor or poorly written story about every third or fourth entry, mainly because they come to care more about the characters than the story --- and, as you said here, they want to know what they've been up to!

Michael A. Black

Grade school? Hardly, Camille. But you are right about the Ladykillers being a great resource. I learn something new every time I read it. By the way, your Irritating Reads was a very tough act to follow, but I did my best on a fill-in column for next Wednesday.

Mar Preston

I've always admired Grafton's choice. I wonder if she's second-guessed herself. I'm sure she has.


Wow, Mike, as usual, you've given us a succinct overview of the topic along with a lot of helpful hints! I agree with Camille... your posts are always a great resource (and a hard act to follow, I'll add).
Thank you!

Ellen Kirschman

Good info for those of us who love and/or write series. Very salient points.

Carole Price

Excellent, Mike, as usual. Writing a series just seemed natural for me, maybe because I'm character oriented and I care what's next for them.

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