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February 10, 2017


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Michael A. Black

Excellent advice, Peggy. I have a notebook full of the same type of articles which have piqued my interest for possible future stories. Ironically, I worked a case when I was a cop in which a guy was pulling the same type of house selling scam you mentioned.

Ellen Kirschman

My mystery series and my protagonist, police psychologist Dr. Dot Meyerhoff, are all inspired by real people, events and experiences. Made me laugh to know that there was an on-line lottery of cops trying to guess which of them inspired Eddie Rimbauer, an irreverent, badge-heavy cop who is a secondary character.

Margaret Lucke

Good to know that you have experience with the kind of situation that triggered my new book, Michael. At some point I may call on your expertise.

Ellen, did any of the cops taking part in the lottery guess right about which of them inspired your Rimbauer character?


Wow... that's quite the (true!) story re: the real-estate scam.
I also have piles of news clippings. They are all in a big plastic bin, building up like geological layers. Every once in a while I think: "Didn't I read something about...?" and I start digging. Not a very organized approach, I'm afraid. :-/

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