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February 22, 2017


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camille minichino

I'm aggravated just reading this, Michael. Who doesn't bristle when she opens a bestseller and finds fourth grade writing? I did a brief analysis of one lately and found only forms of the verb "to be" in the first paragraph, except for two instances of "sat". It was a good thing I used the Look Inside feature on amazon.

But my real question in this post: WHO in the world would pick a fight with you?

Ellen Kirschman

I too was incredibly disappointed by a famous writer's recent standalone. Could have been written by a high school student. Just to remind the reader that the author is truly famous, he gave a one sentence shout out to the protagonist of his best selling series. Makes me wonder just how many Dot Meyerhoff books I have in me before both she and I grow weary of each other.

Margaret Lucke

Good post, Michael. I can still remember the time, long ago, when I first threw a book across the room in frustration. It hit the venetian blinds over the window and made a very satisfying crash. At that point I heard a little voice whisper in my head: "You don't have to finish it, you know." And I didn't. Since then, if a book is irritating enough I have no qualms about setting it aside unfinished.

Mar Preston

As has probably been said better, I think these bestselling authors just get tired and run out of ideas. Some are writing more than a book a year.

Imagine keeping up that pace. Hey, it's a business selling books.


I also find it hard to read those books that just trudge along, no inspiration in the prose...
But there is obviously a market out there if you've got the name recognition!
Thinking about it in relation to my "day job," there are times when I churn out decent prose and days when I just trudge forward, subject-verb-object, to meet the deadline.
So, I suppose when writing fiction *is* someone's day job, some trudging is to be expected...

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