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February 14, 2017


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Mar Preston

That Ed McBain could write the crumbs out of the toaster, couldn't he? So prolific as well.

As to Preston & Child's, Amazon sticks them in the middle of my list of books. Hmmmph.


Oh yeah, I love Ed McBain...and Evan Hunter...and a couple of other names he wrote under. I think I have all of them, and I'm slowly giving away the ones I've read...except the REALLY GOOD ONES, like Ice. Those are worth another pass.

Ellen Kirschman

Hi Jean: I like your sense of adventure. I would also like to see your face posted along with the other Lady Killer mug shots.

Michael A. Black

I was a big Ed McBain fan, too. I once went to one of his book signings (for the novel Kiss) to meet him. I'd just gotten off work and slipped a jacket on over my uniform. He noticed it right away and we started talking. He asked me if he'd gotten things right, and I assured him that he had. He was a super-nice guy and a great writer.

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