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February 06, 2017


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camille minichino

I'm always impressed by your conscientiousness (an old word!), Michael. It's tricky when dealing with headlines of any kind -- my problems come from using science and technology in plots. I never know when some limit will be exceeded or some "impossible" quantum event will be realized. Maybe I should call all my stories historical!


REALLY enjoyed reading this


I love how you pick up ideas from contemporary newspapers...I'm one of those who is always "looking back," so as you say, I have the certainty of knowing how things turned out. :-)
Do you have favorite newspapers that you turn to for ideas?

Michael A. Black

Camille, if anyone is smart enough to make those quantum leaps, it's you. Thanks, Jean, glad you enjoyed it, and Ann, I peruse a bunch of newspapers and magazines, but the one that has given me the most new ideas has to be The National Enquirer. ;-)


Even when I'm not writing about plots generated from the headlines, I worry about how current my book will be once it's published, especially when it comes to songs or TV shows my character likes. I tend to stick with the classics, like The Beatles, but no matter how careful a writer is, something will give away when a book was written. I'm reading a book right now where the lawyer has a VCR. I immediately flipped to the copyright page to see how old the book was. Who has a VCR anymore?

Margaret Lucke

Keeping ahead of the reality curve -- what a great phrase. And what a challenge for all of us authors. Excellent post, as usual.

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