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February 28, 2017


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camille minichino

As little time as possible -- I agree, Priscilla, but sometimes it pulls me back, a la Godfather 3.


I liked Godfather 3....

Michael A. Black

Good points, Priscilla. You're right, even the greatest book won't be appreciated if no one knows it exists.


Sadly enough, Michael, even back long before social media....


So Priscilla, what social media venue do you favor with your time? So often it seems my energy is spread thin over several platforms... and as I'm thrashing around, there goes my time... POOF!


I use Facebook mostly. It gives me the biggest audience for the least amount of time, and my postings are usually more comments about things other than promo. I still think that a personal thing grabs one more than selling, but then I am remarkably resistant to advertising! Oh, and I still believe in the blog. All that said, I am hardly a NYTimes best seller, but writer incomes have been falling---including the bigger sellers.

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