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February 27, 2017


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Ellen Kirschman

Wise words for those of us writing series. I hired someone to make a series Bible after my first Dot Meyerhoff mystery. Next time, I'll do it myself using Peggy Lucke's advice. I learn more about the craft with each book. Setting was way more important in #3. Taking your words to heart, especially about getting Dot to marry Frank.


What a thorough and helpful list when planning out a series. I'm always trying to find new ways to kill my victims without the method being too outlandish. I don't want my reader to roll her eyes when the victim is pushed into a volcano after being stung by a swarm of Africanized bees that the killer has let loose.

Margaret Lucke

An excellent list of tips, Camille. It's going in my "keeper" file of writing advice.

Michael A. Black

Looks like a Top Ten List that every writer should keep posted on his or her computer, Camille. But I'm not surprised. You're tops in my book.

camille minichino

Thanks, everyone. I'm glad the list is useful.

Here's a set of tips for writing "a" mystery, as opposed to planning the series; I wrote the 2 sets for an ezine a couple of years ago. This is the link from my website. http://www.minichino.com/OtherWorks/WM1.html


Great advice all around, Camille! So glad you "went rogue" and added to last week's posts on the subject! :-)

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