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March 27, 2017


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Michael A. Black

Wow, that's quite a layout, and more excellent writing advice. I use the same technique, Camille. I sketch out an area that I'll be using in my story, and refer to it as I write to get the movements down.

camille minichino

Very handy isn't it, Michael? Funny story:

Usually I have my layout guy in the office next door make an in-design version like the one above, but one time I skipped that step and had only a hand drawing.

Well, I lost the copy of the character's apartment (!), so I had to have her move in the next book in the series.


gee...I'd love a house like that

camille minichino

Any Eichler neighborhoods in your city, Jean? You can find out on that Network link.

Carole Price

I also make sketches of houses and the Shakespeare theaters in my series. Heard of Eichler houses when we moved to CA and were looking to buy a house.

camille minichino

Shakespeare theaters? That sounds much more elaborate, Carole!


I made little sketches of Inez's Leadville home, but they kept disappearing (no in-design experts here!), and I kept forgetting things like how many steps up to the front porch? What exactly was the position of the piano to the loveseat to the parlor stove? and oh, the windows! Facing east, or south or....?

So, I burned it down!

Ah, the power! ;-)

camille minichino

Ha ha. Sue Grafton once leveled an apartment Kinsey lived in and I always suspected this was the reason! Even the great ones . . .

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