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March 13, 2017


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Michael A. Black

I did the same thing, Camille. I wrote articles galore trying to build up my publishing credentials. Being familiar your excellent books, it doesn't surprise me that you're a published poet as well. Your writing is fabulous.

camille minichino

Too kind, Michael. For every reader's sake, my poetry phase was short-lived!

[Hmm, I read recently that using an exclamation point is like laughing at your own joke. I must be more careful-- period]

Ellen Kirschman

I LOVE your essay in Ms. magazine. I took my first husband's last name. Suddenly I went from having a distinctive last name - Kirschman - with an ethnic (Jewish) heritage to being an Anderson. At the time I was working in a hospital. (Dull work compared to inspecting nuclear reactors. What did you do when you found a leak?) My name was so generic that whenever Ellen Anderson was paged, four of us showed up. I started hyphenating our last names when I began to be published. Computers gagged on the long string of letters in Kirschman-Anderson. As you suggested in your essay, it was the beginning of the end. Not only did I drop Anderson's last name, I eventually dropped him, swearing to never again change my name. Good thing because my current (and final) husband's last name is Johnson.

camille minichino

Great story, Ellen. You are the perfect Ellen Kirschman!

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