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March 20, 2017


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Michael A. Black

While I can't imagine anything you'd written as being "foul matter," Camille, I got a kick out of your description. And as for the desk, I'd name the entire batch as "to be reviewed necessities."

camille minichino

Great, Michael -- that's what I'm going to tell my husband the next time he mocks my Necessities!

Mar Preston

A girl needs her stuff.

camille minichino

Good point, Mar.


Maybe we should each take a photo of our desktops and share our working environments...
Whoops, the week is over.
Maybe next time this topic rolls around!


Whoops! I see you already included some of this on Sunday! That's what I get for reading the posts backwords in time...


Uh. ^Backwards.^
Still a little fuzzy-brained from the travel...

camille minichino

You're doing very well, Ann, considering . . . !

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