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April 10, 2017


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Donna Howard

I was never good at math or puzzles either. I am too impatient. But I do love a good mystery! Go figure.
You saying the one about the train leaving the station - you had to figure out fast it was going or how long it would take to get there. But when I was a kid - I was too busy figuring out who was on the train and why were they there?

Ellen Kirschman

I got the first two droodles but not the third or the crypto quote. You will be posting the answers won't you? If not I'll have to hunt you down......

camille minichino

Thanks, Jean!

How funny (in a good way), Donna -- making up a story!

Ellen, I'll email you the answers!

Michael A. Black

You've outdone yourself on this one, Camille. Better cc me on those puzzle answers or I'll be up half the night trying to figure them out. ;-)

camille minichino

Mike: check your email for answers before bedtime!

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