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April 18, 2017


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Michael A. Black

Ann, what a great virtual tour of your work room and writing process. I can see why you're such a good writer with all those inspiring things around you. The maps on the wall are a great idea. I'm going to try some of your suggestions, except on a smaller scale. I don't have the wall space.

Mar Preston

I'm positive certain if I had your work space I'd be able to write The Great American Novel. What an inviting space, Ann.


Hi Mike! Yeah, I try to surround myself with books, maps, objects, music... sort of create a cocoon I can sink into.
And strangely enough... I need MORE wallspace! Bare walls and bookcases, never enough of both.


Hi Mar!
I started writing on a desk w/a "family-shared" computer back in the 1990s. Then, I took over a small room by the laundry. In this latest configuration, I took over what used to be the family room so I could fit in all my bookcases and still have some wall space (and space-space!). :-) However, it's centrally located, which means its harder to "closet myself" away from what's going on elsewhere in the house... rather like the early days of the shared computer. I do close the doors on occasion, but that isn't the best of options.
I think I need a little cottage dedicated to writing! (Always looking for a better way... ;-) )

Ellen Kirschman

Great post. Your shelves look like mine, only neater.

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