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April 11, 2017


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camille minichino

I do the Sunday NYTimes; it takes me all week. If cheating means looking up who starred in Lord of the Rings, e.g., then I guess I do, too! Not worth watching LOTR to avoid cheating!


A friend of mine once fnished the NYTimes Sunday puzzle in pen with no mistakes "back in the day". She framed it. Thursday is beyond me...

Michael A. Black

I once tried to do a crossword puzzle in pen, and it ended up so scribbled upon that it was not legible. After that I wised up and always kept the puzzle answer close at hand to check before I wrote the word. The result was a collection of completed puzzles in pen that I used to trot out to amaze people. The ultimate puzzle was to see if they could figure out that I cheated.



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