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May 23, 2017


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Michael A. Black

Gripping scene of some white-knuckle driving, Jean. A drunk on a tractor could really be problematic. Airbags don't always deflate completely, and they usually leave a residual odor and smoky film in the air that's often nauseating in the interior of the car. I've had people panic because of the particles in the air resemble smoke and they thought the car was on fire. Plus, the explosive detonation can cause injuries, too. For my money, seatbelts are much more effective at saving drivers and passengers from injury.


Mike, thanks. Good to know. I just saved your comments.

Ellen Kirschman

My sister-in-law was in a minor fender bender. Her air bag deployed and injured her worse that the accident itself. I drive a Volvo. My fire fighter friends say they hate Volvos because there are so many air bags it make using the jaws of life to make an extraction very difficult.

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