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May 04, 2017


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Ellen Kirschman

Thanks for reminding me there's more to the writing life than getting rich and famous - a statistical improbability for most of us.

Mar Preston

Ah, yes, Ellen. We can make up real, living people like Dot in your novels. And charm (and inform) other people. Not everybody can do that.

Michael A. Black

Thanks for sharing your experiences, Mar. I saw many similarities to my own experiences as a writer.

Mar Preston

Self-publishing is an open road, but a hard and stony path.


I haven't tried the self-pub route yet, but it *is* nice to know it's "out there" as an option! And I'm with you in that I enjoy the mystery life, connecting with other writers and readers, going to conferences, and diving into the imagination and transferring those stories-of-the-mind into the written word.

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