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May 09, 2017


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camille minichino

Weather is one of the things I miss in the Bay Area. Too many sunny days, not enough thunder and lightning, no fall to speak of!
And I'm with you on descriptions of weather, Priscilla -- Done well, weather can make a great opening for a scene.


I miss fall the most, Camille. Probably do without snow, although it is a beautiful thing when falling and fresh. The smell of the air in different seasons? Yes, much missed.

Michael A. Black

Spring is my favorite season. Everything is blooming and everything seems to full of potential. Summer is a close second. Autumn is the worst for me, even beating out the cold, brutal Chicago winters. I hate the leaves falling from the trees, the days growing shorter, and the temperatures getting steadily colder. I also used to hate going back to school each September. But you're right, Priscilla, weather is always important to a story.

Ellen Kirschman

Fully developed characters have and use five senses. They can see the fading light, smell the Eucalyptus (but not spell it), hear the rain on the roof, and feel the chilly wind. Where would writers, especially poets, be without weather?


And it is also fun to include how different people respond differently to each season. Mike, you made an excellent observation about that. You love summer. I hate it because of the heat. And, yes, Ellen, weather impacts mood. And seasons often have religious symbolism, as my characters often note. And in historical books, seasons are matters of life and death, feast or famine, illness, etc. Really great comments here!


I love changing seasons as well (although summer with heat and blinding sun is something I can do without). Full confession here: I think nearly every book I write starts with the weather. As a meek and mild contrarian, I take some secret pleasure in that...



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