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May 17, 2017


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Michael A. Black

Yeah, you're right about the difficulty of proofing your own work, Mar. I've never been able to read backwards, and using a blue pen would slow me down too much.


There are software tools to clear away the easy things, but there's no substitute for a great edit!!!!

Margaret Lucke

I've used the reading-backward method, which is doable but slow. Another technique is to hold a ruler under each line as you read, which forces the eye to focus on each word. At a company where I worked as an editor, two people would proofread. One would read aloud, including all the punctuation marks, caps, and odd spellings, while the other followed along, marking corrections on the manuscript. That system works really well, but it's time-consuming and requires a devoted friend.

Ellen Kirschman

I tried reading backwards on a ms. I just finished. It helped. By reading backwards I don't mean right to left, I mean last chapter to first. It's a fact, even a book that has been repeatedly proofed with end up with some typos. Afghan rug weavers always include a mistake in their creations because only God is perfect. I try to acknowledge typos with the same attitude of reverence.

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