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June 14, 2017


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Michael A. Black

Carole, I think when a man's partner is killed, he's supposed to do something about it. This was an excellent and thought provoking commentary about noir. I never thought about the PTSD angle, but it makes sense. I'd have to vote for Out of the Past as my favorite noir movie.


Mike, love that reference! And I Love Out of the Past, too. I know what I'm watching this weekend!

Michael A. Black

Ah, Mysti... I must admit that I neglected to put on my glasses when I read whose post this was. Sorry for the misnomer. I guess I forgot the cardinal rule: when a man's glasses are out of his reach, he's supposed to do something about it.

Ellen Kirschman

Clearly you have seen way more movies than I have. I have affection for what I term the "hapless villian." A normally law abiding citizen who, feeling trapped by real of perceived circumstances, commits a crime. I think of the mousy, aggrieved clerk in Happy Valley, Season #1 I think, who has his bosses' daughter kidnapped after his boss refuses to loan him money. This sets off a chain of events he can't rectify after his boss offers him money.


I haven't seen that show. But dark as it is, Broadchurch (similar?) isn't noir, because the protagonists don't commit a socially unacceptable but perfectly understandable "crime." Most procedurals don't quite get to noir simply because they have to bring their protagonists back every week...

Pretty Little Lies could arguably be called noir by my definition...

Now you've got me thinking again! Always dangerous :)

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